More than 100 years of passion for wood

As Imola Legno, our history dates back to early ‘900, in a small handicraft workshop a place where passion, determination and vision-oriented approach perfectly blended together. With the Poli family sawmill as the stepping stone, Imola Legno has grown over the years based on these values starting from manufacturing packagings, moving on to selling wood all the way to becoming a major industrial player.
1977 marks the official year of foundation of the company, created by Enzo Poli who was joined by his brother Elio one year later. The main activities of the newly-founded Imola Legno include cutting, planing, making wooden packagings and selling forest products from across the globe above all.

1984 marked the year of purchase of the initial 32,000 sqm where the current company premises lie. The first shed was built the subsequent year. Another 44,000 sqm of land were bought in 1986.

Deep knowledge of the market, flexible vision and openness to change contributed to the constant growth of the company. A growth fuelled by the company policy of strategically staking on logistics and choices reaching out to various sectors of the wood industry. A choice confirmed by the acquisition of StilLegno paving the way for the retail and bricolage market.

A major development stage began in 1999, when Imola Legno quit the regional for the nation-wide market making best of the opportunities arising from the exit of one of the largest competitors from the market. As a matter of fact, the next few years saw the company double its turnover and sales volumes.

This is the time when the Livorno Terminal and the Molfetta branch, with addition of the trunk-cutting sawmill in 2006, were created.
The Lugo Terminal also dates back to1999. Lugo Terminal is a ground-breaking facility built within a railport with the aim of boosting the growth of Imola Legno by enabling the transportation of large volumes of goods.

Equipped with a modern first wood processing system that enables the company to offer a more complete service, the opening of the Lugo factory in 2005 marked another major investment.

This meant adding a wide variety of processing solutions to the modern and efficient logistics system as well as to the large availability of turnkey products and thus consolidating Imola Legno’s position as a market leader in Italy.

Thus, the Poli’s family passion for wood became a big industry, involving four generations and many collaborators in a constant innovation process with a keen eye to the future but without forgetting the past.

Our locations

Imola (BO)
Our historic headquartiers

Lugo (RA)
Production location

Molfetta (BA)
Deposit and stockings

Imola Legno is an Italian market leader in the sales of forest products from across the globe.

A strong and structured company that enables its customers to focus on their business, thus leaving procurement of raw materials to the specialists of the trade.

  • 4 depots in Italy
  • 217,000 sqm of surface area
  • 130.000 sqm of goods storage sheds
  • 150.000 cbm of material ready for delivery
  • 2.800 stocked items
  • Delivery across Italy within 48 hours from order
  • Possibility to execute mixed or partial loads
  • Delivery of origin policies directly from the port
  • Wide range of customised processing

These qualities make Imola Legno an excellent partner, with wide availability of material, range of choice and – above all – efficiency and prompt service.

The advanced logistics facility, fully computerised stock management, motivated, professional and efficient staff alongside a far-reaching sales agents network place the company in a position to offer prompt and keen response to the customer’s needs.

Our products