Choices with an eye to the future

Safeguarding natural resources is a responsibility of us all: we are staunch believers of this fact and we believe that business decisions and ecologically responsible behaviour are perfectly compatible.

This is the reason we select our suppliers also based on the environmental and forest protection policies. In addition, we also hold the FSC® and PEFC™ because we staunchly believe that the global wood heritage is a richness worth safeguarding and handing down to the future generations.

As a matter of fact, the eco-sustainable management of forests is crucial towards the planet’s equilibrium. This due to the fact that it enables exploiting the qualities of wood – a renewable resource that can be cultivated, used, recycled and cultivated again, in an endless virtuous cycle – while simultaneously conserving biodiversity, productiveness, renovation capacity, vigorousness and the potential of natural habitats.
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Imola Legno S.p.A. license code : FSC-C008437

To this end, we also opted to perform our activities increasingly utilising renewable energy and reducing environmental impact to the minimum. Thus, the Lugo (RA) production factory was equipped with a modern photovoltaic system. In addition, we heat and cool our offices using a modern pellet boiler. Lastly, our drying chambers run on the clean burning of sawdust and wood residues resulting from our processes.