Imola (Bologna)

The Imola headquarters is the historical premises of the company.
It lies on an 80,000 sqm surface area, 50,000 of which roofed and it holds about 40% of the company’s material stock.
The area also houses offices which occupy 1,800 sqm, featuring the management block, sales offices and the administrative offices.

It is just a few metres from the highway exit.


A pochi metri dall’uscita dell’Autostrada

Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 10, Imola BO, Italy

Segreteria: +39 0542 630411
Vendite: +39 0542 630411
Logistica: +39 0542 630411

Lugo (Ravenna)

The production plant, opened in 2005, occupies an area of 15,000 sq. M (12,000 sq. Ft.) And can count on the most advanced technologies that can work 600 cubic meters of timber per day.
An investment made to meet customers’ demands more and more, introducing a productive reality to the many years of experience in wood marketing.

Also in Lugo, on an area of 190,000 square meters, Lugo Terminal , </ strong> is an important and strategic platform logistics with 8km of railways and rail connections, with 50,000 sq. ft. warehouses for storing goods and all equipment for loading / unloading large volume products. At Lugo Terminal there is a warehouse for the storage of goods abroad.


Stabilimento di Lugo

Via della Dogana 3, 48022 Lugo RA, Italy

Segreteria: +39 0545 216411
Vendite: +39 0545 216411
Logistica: +39 0545 216411

Molfetta (Bari)

With a total area of 110,000 sqm, the deposit, operating since 2000, is structured as follows:

  • 55,000 sqm of covered warehouses; </ li>
  • 14,000 sqm of sawmill, of which 3,000 are covered; </ li>
  • 1,000 sqm offices </ li>
    </ Ul>
    Molfetta’s deposit serves as a deposit for sale to customers in southern Italy, and from terminal for the storage of materials in transit to other logistics sites.


Stabilimento di Molfetta

Via dell’Arte Bianca, 4, 70056 Molfetta BA, Italy

Segreteria: +39.080.3385825
Logistica: +39.080.3385825