Accoya means innovation

With performance that makes it ideal for external applications such as windows, doors, external floors and coverings, Accoya® is a new variety of exceptionally durable timber. This high-performance wood is produced using sustainable raw materials and managed optimally. Furthermore, it is not toxic and it comes with dimensional stability and durability capable of exceeding that of the best tropical hard wood.

Subjected to laboratory tests under all kinds of weather conditions, above/beneath the ground and even under water, Accoya® revealed high resistance under the harshest weather conditions.

Furthermore, besides its ability to absorb carbon dioxide over its entire life, Accoya® is also entirely recyclable.

An in-depth treatment extending over the entire perpendicular section confers two major advantages to this variety:

Total wood durability reliability
Absence of non-acetylated surfaces upon cutting the wood. Thus, it does not require application of any supplementary preservative chemical additive on site.

Accoya® wood offers