Our love for wood and wide versatility is the force that drives Imola Legno’s collaborators to give it their best day after day.


We – at Imola Legno – perform all our activities applying high-level ethical and professional conduct.


Imola Legno è cosciente della responsabilità ambientale che ha nei confronti delle risorse boschive mondiali e per questo si impegna a distribuire esclusivamente prodotti tagliati legalmente.


Imola Legno undertakes to introduce technologically innovative quality products into the Italian market.

Customer orientation

We – at Imola Legno – offer all our customers customised products, specifically conceived to meet their needs.

Italian DNA

A company governed by the laws of Italy, Imola Legno considers Italy to be its reference market and pledges to promote the national market by combining territorial inclusiveness with the macrotrend know-how.


Aware of the fact that opening up to innovation and flexibility creates progress, we – at Imola Legno – have the courage to look ahead with courage, wiling to change the market needs together.