Our certifications

The certificates awarded to us as a company are an additional proof of the excellence of our work: attention to particularly important issues and the quality of the products we sell.

FSC® certificate

FSC is forest and wood-based products certificate. The FSC certificate aims at globally (tropical, temperate and boreal areas) supporting an environmental-friendly management of forests and plantations, that is not only socially useful in compliance with the rights of the workers and local populations, but also economically sustainable at the same time.
This occurs by defining a set of strict good forest management Principles and Criteria (standards) established and approved by the FSC through participation and consent by the involved parties. Imola Legno S.p.A. license code: FSC-C008437.

PEFC™ certificate

PEFC is forest and wood-based products certificate. The PEFC certificate certifies that the forms of woodland management meet specific sustainability requirements.
PEFC satisfactorily addresses distinctive situations of the European contest and the needs of private owners to have a flexible instrument that is not only suitable to meet ecologically appropriate management implementation needs but that also aims at attaining social and economically valid benefits.

SOA certificate in class OG1 unlimited or class VIII and in category OS32 class VII

The SOA certificate is a document required to prove the company’s ability to meet any public supply and installation tender requirements with a starting bid price above € 150,000.00 (whether as a contractor or subcontractor). The SOA certificate approves the firm to execute tenders for specific categories of works and categories of amounts In particular, Imola Legno S.p.A. Is approved for the following categories:
– OG1 (civil and industrial construction works) in class VIII i.e. unlimited amounts;
– OS32 (wooden structures) in class VII i.e. for amounts equivalent to € 15,494,000.00.

ISO 9001:2008 certificate

Certificate for defining quality systems requirements

Solid wood and plywood structural elements processing declaration certificate

Imola Legno holds a certificate for operating as a solid wood and plywood structural elements processing centre. A compulsory certificate required for processing basic elements and conferring them the final configuration in progress (grooves, drilling, application of metal plates, etc.) in compliance with the Construction Technical Standards (Ministerial Decree dated 14.01.08).

ENplus A1 pellets certificate

logo_enplusCertificazione ENplus certificate for class A1 pellets produced by Imola Legno.

Due Diligence

Application of the Due Diligence system for Imola Legno S.p.A. New European Regulation n° 995/2010 which defines the obligations for operators and traders dealing with wood and wood products.

FITOK certificate as category 7.1, 7.2b and 7.4 entities

This certificate covers the treatment, processing and sales of packagings and raw wooden packagings material treated from a phytosanitary point of view in compliance with the ISPM n.15 standard.



Certificato perlinato strutturale 892.85 KB 193 downloads


Certificazione UNI ISO 14001:2015 378.41 KB 416 downloads

La certificazione UNI ISO 14001 definisce i requisiti per la realizzazione all’interno...

Certificazione UNI ISO 45001:2018 367.01 KB 685 downloads

Certificazione UNI ISO 45001:2018 La norma ISO 45001 attesta l’applicazione volontaria,...

Certificato UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 807.81 KB 715 downloads

IMOLA LEGNO S.P.A. Socio Unico ha implementato e mantiene un sistema di gestione...

Due Diligence 143.15 KB 696 downloads

  Due Diligence Applicazione del sistema Due Diligence per Imola Legno S.p.A. Nuovo...

Certificazione Pellets ENplus® IT 013 1.37 MB 632 downloads

Certificazione Pellets ENplus® IT 013 Certificazione ENplus® dei pellets prodotto...

Certificazione FITOK 416.35 KB 678 downloads

Certificazione FITOK come soggetti 7.1, 7.2b e 7.4 Tale certificazione è valida...

Elementi strutturali 302.01 KB 842 downloads

Attestato di denuncia dell'attività di lavorazione di elementi strutturali in legno...

Attestazione SOA 64.48 KB 649 downloads

Attestazione SOA in categoria OG1 o classe VI e in categoria OS32 classe VII L'attestazione...

Certificato PEFC 274.27 KB 954 downloads

PEFC appartiene al gruppo delle certificazioni delle foreste e dei prodotti a base...

Certificato FSC® - Possiamo fornire prodotti certificati FSC® 368.43 KB 1085 downloads

FSC appartiene al gruppo delle certificazioni delle foreste e dei prodotti a base...